“Whatever you remember, you will forget. Whatever you write, you will remember. “

Dear Visitors,

Thank you for stopping by. For your information, this page was first created for our wedding  e-invitation (October 22, 2017), but we will continue using this page as our family blog to write…, so that we will never forget.. never forget how God has blessed us since the very beginning of our journey.. never forget the lessons we learn in the school of marriage into which we just entered. However, we do hope that by visiting this page, you will somehow be blessed as well.

Bride & Groom


Elvira Takasanakeng, S.H.

Born in Manado, North Sulawesi, Elvira is the 2nd daughter of Mr. R. Takasanakeng & Mrs. L. Takasanakeng – Bansaleng.

Pirson Situmorang, S. E., M.B.A., C. M. A.

Born in Sabulan, Samosir, a small village in North Sumatera, Pirson is the 7th son of Mr. P. Situmorang & Mrs. K. Situmorang/Br. Sinaga.