The Story of Pirson & Elvira

Are you a Seventh Day Adventist?” asked Capt. Rudolf Simatupang, a Pilot with whom Elvira flew when she still worked as international flight attendant for Garuda Indonesia. While everyone was enjoying their food, Elvira did not eat meat, seafood and other non-halal food, and it made Capt. Rudolf wonder. He then said to Elvira that his very good friend was also a Seventh Day Adventist and asked whether or not Elvira did not mind if Capt. Rudolf introduced her to his friend, Pirson. Elvira as an easy-going and friendly 19 years old woman said okay. Pirson first text to Elvira was a Happy Sabbath message, then the next few months they met then became friends; nothing special.

In 2014, Elvira prayed for a life partner that could join hands with her to serve God and people. At the same time, Pirson also prayed to God for a wife, then God answered prayers by letting them recognize the existence of each other.

In July 2014, Pirson made his first visit to Manado to see Elvira’s parents after asking their blessings on the phone in order for him to approach Elvira. Since then, they have started to know each other better.

After seeking for God’s directions, they both were convinced to start praying for a more serious relationship. They finally got engaged on 5 March, 2017 in Manado.

They are more than happy to announce that they are getting married, and together with their families joyfully inviting you to their wedding on 22 October 2017 in Manado.

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